When to Make Emergency Calls

***An emergency is any occurrence that requires dispatch of law enforcement, fire or emergency medical services.***

What should be reported?

Any time you think you need emergency assistance or law enforcement, fire or EMS, call 911. If you are unsure, call us. We are trained to ask questions and determine which kind of assistance is needed.

What should not be reported?

The E-911 Center does not respond units to situations involving keys locked in a vehicle (unless a child is present in the vehicle), power outages, or cats in trees. Instead, we encourage you to call your utility company when there are power outages. Also, we ask that you please do not call 911 for school closings, time, weather reports, or directions. If our lines are tied up with these types of information calls, people calling in emergency situations may not get help as quickly as needed.

What information do I need to tell the 911 Dispatcher?

Be prepared to give the dispatcher the following information:

  1. The location where help is needed
  2. Explanation of the problem
  3. Time of the incident
  4. If weapons are involved and what kind
  5. Your name and telephone phone number

Where help is needed is the most important question that needs to be answered, but answers to the other questions determine what service needs to be dispatched and the number of units to respond. If you live in unincorporated Troup County, directions to the incident location are needed. This helps responding units to provide help sooner.